The Coordinator of Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN) which is nonprofit and non-governmental organization H. E. Rev. Jourd Abdi Daud representing a network of Faith Based Organizations from all over Somali speaking region in across horn of Africa met the CEO of the African Pastors Fellowship (APF) Rev. Dave Stedman at Kampala, Uganda on  June 5, 2021 at around 1PM.

Both Faith based organizations leadership were discussed some mutual concerns and how AFPF can support SOCDEN while both initiatives are a affiliate member of MICA Global in which is a worldwide faith based network and works as global confederation representing national, regional and global organizations and founded in 19…

Rev. Jourd Abdi Daud is continued to participate APF’s weekly faith-oriented assembly and committed to initiate SOCDEN’s away forward by representing it regional and global faith festivals and assembles and focused around Christian community development.

Whilst visiting Uganda in the 1970s, Revd Derek Blundell saw the great need for pastor training in Africa. Back in the UK, he set up the African Pastors’ Fund, placing theological literature in local African languages, bicycles and other tools in the hands of African pastors. Renamed African Pastors Fellowship, the charity was registered in 1981 and quickly built a committed supporter base, diversified its training and ministry portfolio, forged strong inter-denominational links and developed partnerships with church networks across East Africa.

With a reputation for working in pioneering ways, APF has always targeted support at church leaders living in marginalised and remote African communities. The African Pastors Fellowship (APF) is a UK charity working alongside church and community leaders in Africa: training, equipping and resourcing the local African church so communities might be transformed.

However, SOCDEN encourages the global faith and Interfaith society to continue their prayer’s and as it believes that social justice and religious tolerance, unity and reconciliation, peace and economic progress cannot work successfully and all alone without God’s blessing through the involvement of his people for a peaceful and a vibrant democratic society.

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