The Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN) thrilled to establish a new website in order to disseminate and document her news and reports concerning Somalia and Somali speaking community in across horn of Africa. 

SOCDEN is nonprofit and non-governmental organization which is a membership confederation representing a network of Faith Based Organizations from all over Somali speaking region in across horn of Africa. It is an RNGO that aims to assist Christians and non- Christian communities realize Christian values, such as non-violence, and mutual respect, and forgiveness, irrespectively of their creed, race, ethnic origin, social and political affiliation and nationality through their leaders.

SOCDEN is active member of the Micah Global and happy to be part of the members actively seeking the Christ solidarity, learning and action with other members beyond their own contexts. These communities form the basis for mutual capacity strengthening; communicating about their context and work; and taking collaborative action.

For more details please don’t hesitate to contact Us via email or visit our website:

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