The Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN) thrilled to join the world celebrations on the occasion of the Global Women’s Day in which was situated to celebrate each year on march 8 while this year’s SOCDEN statehoodship slogan is to produce funny name in which his easy appreciation is to be “GLOWDO” and as usual it will be a projected programme name and hopefully it will stand for Somali women development in across Somalia and Somali speaking region in the horn of Africa.

Nevertheless, On International Women’s Day, SOCDEN would like to offer her immense gratitude to our brave women and our friends from the regional and global civil society actors who are revolutionary force of positive change for women and girls, each and every year in across Somali though our merciful women in Somalia are still victims of the daily dynamite events and the extreme weather, lockdown & a lack of jobs mean an increased struggle for adopting their livelihood.

Obviously, there is a good number of Somali Christian minority who lives both in the county and the abroad and continuing lifesaving programs and humanitarian Aid assistance missions and reporting it through local media outlets.

However, the Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN) is going to set aside any ways it can do challenging pressure by obtaining any gigantive limitations of Somali women’s problems and ready attentiveness to keep up her efforts towards the safeguarding the nation’s brave women’s.

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