The Global War on Terror is goin to be an end but somewhat causes will remain till to refresh our minds as results of that ideology The Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN)  threalled to resupport the upper hookers church order and from SOMESHA media group in order to swift her side it appears to be lifted.

The approach to counter-terrorism has remained overwhelmingly focused on security-dominated responses from the lower chumber United Nations (UN) though our pathway recorders agreed our side to pushback now and recharge the mechanisms over where it’s from first.

Both relifaithing ideas from Jourgewill God will soon remutated Lower Ocean sights of UN in order recorrect their idealogical desk transparence as agreed dreaming reward coding from them as boycourting on 2013 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as per revenge leadership recording bompowering media call from their Christ. For more details please visit the SOMESHAA website or click here to read it in a locality way.

From the christian perspectives side, we are here to reafirm the world that the argue among unknown society at the soil under our control here at upper wage, is as that heaven church Somalia will be the leadpint of the new christianism way ottornity system yet every body has his own normality church think atom from his hear.

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