MIDEEYE Programmatic Planning and Coordination Workshop in Mogadishu

Finn Church Aid’s Somalia Country Office and the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers organized a joint workshop to agree on the following steps to take in the 4-year project enhancing national reconciliation and local governance in Somalia. Even though the political and security situation in many parts of Somalia is challenging, the workshop empowered fruitful conversations and exchange of ideas between the participants, resulting in clear and concrete action points.

A joint workshop was organized the 2nd and 3 of October in Mogadishu to discuss the next steps on the MIDEEYE project that aims to support the national reconciliation and local governance in Somalia. The project serves as a catalyst to unite people from all segments of Somali society to build a new social contract and a shared vision for a common future, for a more stable and peaceful Somalia. MIDEEYE recognizes that genuine national reconciliation and inclusive governance are two reinforcing and interrelated processes, crucial for peace and state-building.

In the workshop, there was a wide representation of different stakeholders responsible for the implementation of the MIDEEYE project. Vivid discussions and exchange of ideas took place between the General of the Ministry of Interior, Federalism and Reconciliation (MoIFAR), Director Generals of Hirshabelle and Southwest States Ministries of Interiors, the seconded advisors in MoIFAR and Southwest State as well as the representatives from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the management of the Finn Church Aid and the project.

In his opening remarks, FCA Somalia Country Director Ikali Karvinen stressed that there is a need for continued coordination with Somalia government counterparts to ensure effective implementation of the project activities. Dr. Karvinen also echoed that since its inception, the project has made significant progress but there is still a lot of work to be done. There is strong support for the implementation of the MIDEEYE project also from the donor side. The MFA Finland representative Mauri Starckman stated that democracy can already be seen in the council elections in some parts of Somalia. “District council formations are considered as basses of democracy in the country. We have seen in Puntland that one person one vote is taking place.” Mr. Starckman also wanted to underline Somalia’s and Finland’s longstanding relationship.

Director General of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) Hirshabelle, Mr. Mohamed Kulmiye, stated that currently, Hirshabelle had invested hugely in the liberation efforts from the insurgencies Al-Shabaab. Around 52 villages have been liberated from Al-Shabbab, and these areas need urgent support, appealing to the international community to scale up their stabilization efforts and swiftly respond.

Acknowledging the challenging situation still in Somalia, the workshop was forward-looking, with all participants having a shared understanding and motivation to work together to achieve the objectives of the MIDEEYE project. The vision for a more stable and peaceful Somalia is clear.

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