The Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN) concerns the ongoing economic lost, unreconciliation forums, unfaithful humanitarian aid deplorations and the so stated terrorism acts still looms in across Somalia without a professional interreligious practice putting in place.

However, SOCDEN is believing that social justice and religious tolerance, unity and reconciliation, peace and economic progress cannot work successfully if it’s not from within the society and all unfaithful actions stated above is going without God’s blessing through the involvement of his people for a peaceful transformative interchanges if needed by a group of people like Somalia as a societal territory so SOCDEN is calling bilateral support from the governmental policy makers, and inter-governmental bodies like UN, AU, EU, USA, Euroasia, and others as well as the Islamic organizations who needs Somalia peace remissioning onsets under the Jesus Christ family first and it also calls again and again without any diplomatic compromise a vibrant democratic cooperation from non-Somali Christian citizens,  civil society actors, aid organizations, and Interfaith comrades around the world.

The approach to counter-terrorism has remained overwhelmingly focused on security-dominated responses in Somalia environment, despite such approaches repeatedly proving insufficient to prevent and counter the spread of violent extremism across the globe through the unfaithful double citizenship purposes exists by duplicate diplomatic matters. Despite evidence and experience demonstrating that strategic, comprehensive, and unbiased approaches can wield a far greater – and more lasting – impact on the prevention and countering of violent extremism (PCVE).

We continue to look for strategic partners and affiliations to comprehensively address the issues of economic integrity and social rights, in light of the increasing social and economic inequality, preventing countering violent extremism (PCVE) and corruption in across Somalia and the entire Somali speaking region.

SOCDEN underlines that Somalia is under from death to relive habitat with a keen interest in advocating for socio-economic development, democracy and governance, social and economic justice, peace and justice, religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue. The organization was established in 2017 in bringing churches, mosques, communities and CSOs together on national and regional issues by creating a direct dialogue between fath societies and Governments as well as regional States.

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