The Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN) is nonprofit and non-governmental organization which is a membership confederation representing a network of Faith Based Organizations from all over Somali speaking region in across horn of Africa. SOCDEN is planning an imperative project in which paves the way a new phenomenon way of peace nationwide and regionally as well.

It has become imperative for leaders, individual contributors, organizations, and processes to transform and evolve along with the world around us. Moreover, arriving in a time of continuous transformation and navigating according to old paradigms is like trying to find Somalia way through netzero mapings using a map of ZEPRA education. As we become comfortable with the uncertainty of unknown territory as multiregion better known as Somali speaking region according to ex-IRIN Radio but now known as ERGO radio, the changes around us go from being challenges to becoming opportunities.

The ZEPRA’s Project of Zero’s mission is to understand and nurture human potentials –such as learning, thinking, ethics, intelligence and creativity –in all human beings. Our research examines the nature of such potentials, the contexts and conditions in which they develop, and the practices that support their flourishment.

For more details for the project please don’t hestiatate to contact us at

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