Despite, democracy and social development instruments are very low, it seems that Somalia will not be part of the nation’s going to reach and to apply by fulfilling all the Sustainable development Goals SDGs on 2030 due to lack of proper advocacy based social engagement and empowerments.

Earlier month of February Somalia President Hassan Sheik Mohamud visited Italy, Rome tries to recover the lost influence while before his arrival made a tremendous speech concerning the way local and foreign Christians needs to manage and sustain their believes in Somalia though he was declared their movement prohibition yet allowed their right to freedom of religious practices, free expression and church reopening’s.

Hepo Radio Studio in Mogadishu image

The Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN) recently started online Church Radio project better known as HEPO CHURCH Radio on 2022 in which is hope Radio for the entire Somalia and will be an independent and interfaith radio channel but operates as Church. The project is something which is not possible in a jihadist country like Somalia. This is why the radio Church channel will operate from the Internet.

The Church radio channel was celebrated one-year operations and still needs another couple overwhelmed ground operations and yet wants to sustain online due to the Gospel order by allowing citizens of Somalia to heal it and adopt. What it needs is some equipment’s and laptops. As well as capacity building workshops, and stationery fees For only €2000,- ($2400,-) HEPO Church Radio of Somalia. A channel where everyone’s vision and religion is welcome.

In addition to that, SOCDEN needs some amount of money overdue $3500 USD in order to make a print copy of the Gospel holy Bible book as Somali version. For more detail please contact Rev. Daud Abdi Daud SOCDEN coordinator via email

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